Prim Jet Color's Desktop Inkjet Inks

  • Prim Jet Color's desktop inkjet inks are modern water dye or pigmented inks for home and office printers. The inks are products of very high quality. Their constitution and color composition is compatible with OEM products for every kind of printer and plotter.

  • Prim Jet Color's inks are considerably cheaper than inks of renowned OEM producers  (e.g.. Hewlett - Packard , Lexmark , Canon , Epson , Apple , Roland , Epson , Mutoh , Mimaki,  Kodak , Agfa , etc.). However in spite of this difference of the price the Prim Jet Color deliver inks that perfectly match OEM printing specifications, because they are produced  using  the high grade and cleanness chemical compounds as: colorants (dyes and pigments), solvents, surfactants, penetrants, solubilizing agents, dispersants, humectants, viscosity modifiers, pH buffers, chelating agents, biocides,  UV-blockers, antioxidants and free radical inhibitors.

  • Inks are characterized with the high UV resistance and with the wide range spectrum of colors. Pigmented inks are resistant on fading and the influence of the moisture, the degradation of the printout due to elevated temperature, fingerprints on the printout and effects connected with a fragility of the printout. The printout obtained thanks to Prim Jet Color's pigmented inks will be always sharp, expressive and with the comparable quality due to printout made using brand-name firms' inks.

  • Dye inks assure the precise return of details on printouts, the wide palette of colors , the UV resistance and humidity and thermal fastness similar to brand-name firms' inks.
    Prim Jet Color's inks can be used in practically every printer and plotter. They are not provoking any damages of the printing system do not cause the corrosion and blocking nozzles of the printing head of printer or plotter, do not pollute filters, do not damage pipes and electronics of the printing system.

  • The firm acts in close contact with the clients adapting to their individual needs the composition and proprieties of inks which they can be provided in cartridges or in any volume containers, without the minimum - level of the delivery. Thanks to this that the firm Prim Jet Color is a dynamic firm it can react in the very short time on needs of the market delivering compatible inks, to new models of printers and of plotters of well-known OEM firms.

  • Prim Jet Color's inks are environmentally friendly and fulfill all ecological required norms in the European Union.

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