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   Photographs from the fair



International Outdoor Expo Fair  took place in Poznań, Poland, between 21st and 24th April 2009. The pictures from our stand, shared with the firm Leadcom,  the exclusive distributor of our liquid laminates in Poland, are presented below.

Information about the fair



(1) Prim Jet Color and Leadcom stand just before opening of the fair. In the picture Prim Jet Color director Mr. Christian Airaut and Leadcom director Mr. Dariusz Świercz. Leadcom is an exclusive distributor of Prim Jet Color liquid laminates in Poland. In the foreground of the picture there are printouts made by polish firm cooperating with Prim jet Color, Fabryka Reklamy, ( The printouts are improved and protected by Prim Jet Color liquid laminates.
(2) Prim Jet Color showed on the fair among other thing a new generation of liquid laminates to protect floor graphics. In the picture sample printout on self-adhesive film coated by liquid laminate. (3) On the first day of the fair Mr. Dariusz Świercz from Leadcom helped to stick on a floor printouts protected by Prim Jet Color liquid laminate with reinforced abrasion resistance.
(4) Before opening of the fair Mr. Christian Airaut from Prim Jet Color also stuck on floor printouts protected by liquid laminates. (5) Floor graphics coated by liquid laminate is scratch resistant, is protected against abrasion, is UV- resistant and is not slippery.
(6) Next picture taken during 3 day of the fair, shows how Prim Jet Color liquid laminates designed for floor graphics performed well, withstanding traffic and visitors tests. (7) After the fair Mr. Christian Airaut showed that all printouts protected by Prim Jet Color liquid laminates are in a very good condition. After 4 days of intense exploitation by thousand visitors, the printouts were not destroyed.
(8) Printouts also withstand the other heavy test ... (9) ... as it can be seen there are traces on the floor along printouts made by a heavy equipment moving plotters exhibited on the fair.
(10) In the picture there is Mr. Christian Airaut, Prim
Jet Color director together with a guest from cooperating firm.
(11) In the next picture you can see Leadcom director Mr. Dariusz Świercz with sales representative from firm producing laminators Kala.
(12) Visitors were examining printouts made on self-adhesive films, banners, One Way Vision films and paper protected by liquid laminates. (13) Our guests with special interest were looking at printouts made on canvas. They were checking with "skilled eye" the quality of printouts.
(14) Visitors were changing an illumination of the stand to verify how it can influence on perception of printouts on canvas. The printout colors are more vivid and it is UV and water resistant. (15) Depending on used liquid laminates, the printout can be brilliant, mat or satin. Using a special roller for acrylic lacquer the printout can look as an very old picture.
(16) Mrs. Jolanta Airaut, Prim Jet Color marketing director together with one of our guests, presented solvent printout on banner protected by gloss liquid laminate. (17) The enlarged part of a preceding photograph shows how rich become colors of printouts on banner after coating with liquid laminate. Printout was made by co-operating with Prim Jet Color firm from Szczecin Fabryka Reklamy
(18) Mr. Christian Airaut is presenting printouts on one part of our stand. On the walls, table-top and the front of the stand and on the floor are presented printouts made on various media enriched by liquid laminates. (19) The enlarged detail of a preceding photograph shows enriched by liquid laminate picture made using water based pigment ink on the canvas. Printout made co-operating with Prim Jet Color firm Time4art
(20) Our customer from Germany, one of fair guests, was invited on business meeting. The main subjects of conversation were unique properties of produced by Prim Jet Color lacquers Pre Coat for direct printing on the fabrics and PVC, sublimation transfer on the various media (also natural fibers). (21) In the photo, the first from the left, Mrs. Justyna Palusińska Managing editor from Świat Druku in the course of the interview with Prim Jet Color director on the subject how  innovative are their patented and produced liquid laminates. A representative from the firm Fabryka Reklamy is listening to a conversation.
(22) Prim Jet Color invited to visit their stand many guests from Poland and abroad. Business meeting with representative of a big firm from Turkey is presented in the picture above. They were discussing issues concerning proper protection of various digitally printed media. (23) Later, our friend who is our distributor in Italy joined to the business discussion. The main subjects of the conversation were properties of self-cleaning liquid laminates. The application of liquid laminates for floor graphics in hypermarkets was also an important point of meeting.
(24) Mrs. Jolanta Airaut from Prim Jet Color, is preparing presentation of printouts on canvas and ceramic tiles prepared for sublimation transfer by Prim Jet Color lacquer Pre Coat. (25) Visitors compared effect of liquid lamination on canvas printed using solvent (Fabryka Reklamy) and pigmented water based (Time4art) ink, respectively.
(26) Visitors are examining printouts made on various media protected by Prim Jet Color liquid laminates. The printouts with self-cleaning properties took special attention of everybody. (27) Visitors are posing to the photograph against a background of sample printouts on canvas made by firm Time4art or Fabryka Reklamy and protected by liquid laminates.
(28) In the picture there are guests from printing company cooperating with Prim Jet Color. In the background there are spay cans containing Prim Jet Color liquid laminate. (29) Other guests who visited Prim Jet Color stand were interested in liquid lamination and impressed by its quality.
(30) Visitors on active way tested the quality of Prim Jet Color liquid laminates and exchanged comments between each other on the various advantages of these products. (31) Prim Jet Color director showed to one of invited guests the high quality of sublimation transfer on 100% cotton prepared for sublimation transfer using Prim Jet Color lacquer Pre Coat.
(32) In the photo you can see the representative of firm cooperating with Prim Jet Color for long time. Mrs. Jolanta Airaut is discussing about advantages of using special roller for liquid lamination. (33) Visitors with attention are testing high mechanical resistance of printouts protected by Prim Jet Color liquid laminates.
(34) The fair guests, visiting our stand, with attention were learning about unique properties of Prim Jet Color liquid laminates. (35) Mr. Dariusz Świercz during important business conversation with representatives of fair guests.
(36) Mr. Dariusz Świercz showed to the fair guests a professional laminator from firm Kala. (37) The fair guest was introduced by Mr. Dariusz Świercz in depth detailes and differences between liquid and thermal lamination. These both ways of lamination are complementary to one another.
(38) International fair in Poznań gave us opportunity to make our business connections closer with firms, which we had got pleasure to meet on the Fair in Warsaw. In the picture Mrs. Marta Rudnik President Mazovian Cluster of Printing and Publishing Kolorowa Kotlina Association with husband Dariusz Rudnik, Printing House Commercial Manager. (39) Representatives of printing companies asked a lot of professional questions how to laminate in proper way using roller for dense acrylic lacquers, spray-guns or laminators?. In the picture you can see sample printout protected by Prim Jet Color self-cleaning liquid laminate. Printout was made on One Way Vision film.
(40) Certain of our amiable guests, coming to visit our stand, received long expected, good news and in perfect humor they could obtain information about protective laminates and lacquers Pre Coat produced by us. (41) Mr. Dariusz Świercz presented the full range of Prim Jet Color products and advantages of laminator Kala to the journalist from printing branch news magazine.
(42) Guests of Mr. Dariusz Świercz were discussing  about properties of the Kala laminator and received full Prim Jet Color products offer. (43) A lot of our guests received the sample printouts protected by our liquid laminates and samples of sublimation transfer on ceramic tiles prepared by Prim Jet Color lacquer Pre Coat 4.

(44) Mr. Christian Airaut and Mr. Dariusz Świercz distributed to the guests information materials and catalogues of the Prim Jet Color products. (45) Mr. Christian Airaut during business conversation with the representative of firm cooperating with Prim Jet Color.