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   Photographs from the fair


II International Promo Expo Fair  took place in  Warsaw, Poland, between 3rd and 5th February 2009. The pictures from our stand, shared with the firm Leadcom,  the exclusive distributor of our liquid laminates in Poland, are presented below.

Documentary from the fair



Several foreign guests were invited to visit Prim Jet Color's  stand. In the picture is presented business meeting with directors of a big firm from United Kingdom.

The firm Prim Jet Color was represented by Mrs  Jolanta Airaut - Marketing Director and Mr Christian Airaut - Director.

Mrs Jolanta Airaut was explaining properties of self-cleaning liquid laminates. First, printout coated
by this laminate was soiled and smeared with grease...
next printout was rinsed with cold water only...
water removed a thick layer of mud and oil ...

and dirt was removed without damage of printout.

Very  stubborn dirt on coated printout (e.g. graffiti)
can be removed using a special ecologic solvent.
Mr Jolanta Airaut showed that graffiti can be several times safely removed from printout protected by self-cleaning liquid laminate invented by Prim Jet Color. Graffiti is removed without destroying the printout.
Mr Christian Airaut showed printout protected by liquid laminate with reinforced abrasion resistance. Outstanding properties of liquid laminates were presented together with firm Leadcom, which is the exclusive distributor of Prim Jet Color's liquid laminates in Poland.
Magnified detail from previous picture - sublimation transfer onto ceramic tiles. The tiles were prepared using special lacquer Pre Coat, invented by Prim Jet Color, which enables sublimation transfer onto hard media (e.g. metal, glass, PVC, stone). Other special lacquer Pre Coat, invented by Prim Jet Color, enables sublimation transfer onto textiles made from natural fibers. As an example Mrs Jolanta Airaut showed 100% cotton T-shirt with sublimation printout.

Presentation of printouts made on various media protected by liquid laminates from Prim Jet Color.

Sample printouts on canvas protected by Prim Jet Color's liquid laminates were presented on the stand's walls. They were printed by the polish firm Time4art.

In the picture Mr Dariusz Świercz Leadcom director.
On the floor printouts protected by Prim Jet Color's  liquid laminates for floor graphics were fixed in place during the whole fair.

Magnified detail from previous picture. Printout on floor protected by special Prim Jet Color's liquid laminate resisted to intensive movement and tests made by fair's visitors.

The next picture showing floor graphics protected by Prim Jet Color's liquid laminate.

This printout is protected by Prim Jet Color's liquid laminate against scratches, UV radiation and is anti-abrasive and anti-slippery.