Producer of sublimation transfer ink, lacquers Pre Coat to activate surface for digital printing and liquid laminates Top Coat to protect printouts.
Information about firm Prim Jet Color.
Lacquers enabling sublimation transfer onto cotton, glass, ceramics, metal, PVC. They also activate surface of media for solvent and UV-curable printing.
Liquid laminates to protect printouts against UV radiation, scratches and environmental pollution.
Sublimation transfer ink for piezoelectric printers and plotters.
Scientific publications and results of measurements.
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About Us


About firm Prim Jet Color

French-Polish firm Prim Jet Color was founded in 1992 year to fulfill the aspirations of customers in a whole development of their creativity as modern authors of visual art as well as to help in formation of an advantageous image of companies applying our products.

We offer services of our employees and cooperating companies aimed toward perfection, keeping always in mind the everyday protection of the environment of our Planet as well as the satisfaction of customers.

Process development is undertaken at our sites, where speed of response, delivery and close customer cooperation are key aspects. The Process Technology facility at our site is capable of carrying out the development and scale-up of lacquer base purification and lacquers manufacture to all possible customer requirements. Combined with our scale-up, manufacturing and processing facilities, this proven track record of flexibility, responsiveness and a commitment to quality is what makes us one of the modern lacquer producers for inkjet ink market.

An example of this is our close working relationship with the textile industry companies. Prim Jet Color developed and manufactured ecological water-based Pre Coat lacquer to print directly onto textiles polyester and made from 100% natural fiber.

In the last year our firm introduced a wide range of water-based lacquers:

  • Liquid laminate Top Coat: to laminate printouts. This lacquer is mainly used to secure inkjet ink printouts against the harmful influence of ultraviolet UV radiation, mechanical damages and damages caused by industrial environmental pollution.

  • Lacquers Pre Coat:

    to print directly on various media using water-based/solvent inkjet inks, for sublimation transfer onto natural fiber textiles, for sublimation transfer onto hard media.

In the Prim Jet Color’s offer there are inkjet ink for wide format plotters and home/office printers.

These inks are quality products, of excellent physicochemical parameters. The process of their production involves chemical compounds of high quality and purity, including dyes, pigments, solvents, surface-active and moisturizing agents, agents enhancing dye solubility, dispersants, moisture-absorbing substances, viscosity modifiers, pH buffers, chelating agents, UV blockers, antioxidants, inhibitors of free radicals.

These inks can be used in any plotters and printers without damaging the printing system – they do not entail corrosion nor clog printing heads of the plotter. Nor do they pollute filters, damage wires and electronics of the printing system. They are environment-friendly and meet all environmental standards that have to be observed in the European Union.

Prim Jet Color is selling sublimation transfer ink for wide format plotters and printers with piezoelectric and thermal print head. Prim Jet Color has been selling this ink since 1996 year in whole Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South America and in Africa.

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Patent pending for Lacquer Top Coat to protect printouts.

Patent pending for Lacquer Pre Coat for sublimation transfer on natural fiber textiles. Patent pending for Lacquer Pre Coat to print directly on textiles.

The founder of the firm: Christian Airaut

Graduated at Sorbonne Sciences, Paris, France (1967); He has a bachelor's degree in Physics Mathematics and Chemistry.



The board of directors of Prim Jet Color is as follows:

Managing Director: Jolanta Airaut

Graduated at Politechnika Gdańska (Gdańsk University of Technology), Gdańsk, Poland. She has a Master of Science degree of Technical Physics.

In 1998 she graduated at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland and Gdańsk University (Uniwersytet Gdański) and awarded with Distinction a Degree of Master of Business and Administration (MBA).


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Mrs Jolanta Airaut’s Master of Business Administration diploma from Gdańsk University and from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Director of Research and Development: Leszek Kułak

Prim Jet Color closely cooperates with Dr Sc. Leszek Kułak from Politechnika Gdańska (Gdańsk University of Technology), Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Informatics.

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Leszek Kułak’s Doctor of Science thesis at Gdańsk University of Technology: “Theory and Monte Carlo simulations of Excitation Energy Transfer in systems with various degree of ordering”. Leszek Kułak’s Ph. D. diploma from Gdańsk University. Thesis: “Theoretical and numerical studies of Forward and Reverse Excitation Energy Transfer in Luminescent Systems”.


In the following there are presented selected Dr Sc. Ph. D. Leszek Kułak's publications:

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Publications in the prestigious scientific journals concerning properties of organic dyes and polymers.
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Publications in the prestigious scientific journals concerning properties of organic dyes and polymers.

Members of the Staff of the firm Prim Jet Color on the Jubilee 100 years of Technical University in Gdańsk and 60 years of Gdańsk University of Technology (Politechnika Gdańska), 2-4th June 2005. Some of the Members of the Staff graduated at this University, other works as an academic university teacher, senior researcher.
Magnified details of the main picture are showing members of Prim Jet Color’s Staff.