Jolanta Airaut's MBA degree
Leszek Kułak's post-doctoral degree in physics

The French-Polish company Prim Jet Color was founded in 1992 to fulfill the aspirations of clients in developing their creativity as modern visual art designers. Our company also assists other businesses in promoting their brands by utilizing our products.


Our mission is to provide services and products of the highest quality while ensuring environmental protection and customer satisfaction.


The mission of Prim Jet Color is to deliver high-quality products in the dynamically evolving digital printing market. The company rapidly responds to customer needs emerging in computer-aided publishing, graphic design, and large-format printing using printers and plotters.


Prim Jet Color closely collaborates with its clients, tailoring the formulations of liquid laminates to meet their individual requirements and needs.


This operating philosophy has resulted in specific decisions:


  • Developed and commenced production of new types of water-based primers for pre-treating hard media such as glass, metal, and ceramics for solvent or UV-cured ink printing.


  • Developed liquid laminates for protecting automotive graphics, flags, and floor prints.
Founder of the company


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Year of founding company 1992


Unique Products for Unique People

Director of the company


Founder of the company: Christian Airaut graduated from Sorbonne Sciences University in Paris, France, earning a master's degree in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.


Director of Marketing: Jolanta Airaut, MSc Eng. MBA, completed her studies at the Faculty of Technical Physics at Gdańsk University of Technology, earning a master's degree in the fundamentals of technology. She also completed an MBA program at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, and at the University of Gdańsk, earning a Master of Business and Administration with distinction.

Director of the company: Dr. hab. Leszek Kułak graduated from the University of Gdańsk, earning a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. He obtained the postdoctoral degree (habilitation) in physical sciences at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Unique Products for Unique People

In recent years, Prim Jet Color has designed and introduced to the market a wide range of water-based coatings


  • Liquid laminates Top Coat: for the protection (lamination) of prints.These laminates are primarily designed to protect digital prints from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, mechanical damage, moisture, and industrial environmental pollution.


  • Lacquers Pre Coat:preparing the surface of media for direct printing with solvent inks, UV-cured inks, preparing fabrics with natural fibers for sublimation, enabling sublimation onto rigid media.


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Nasza firma, założona w 1992 roku, działa na rzecz spełniania aspiracji klientów w rozwijaniu ich kreatywności jako nowoczesnych projektantów w dziedzinie sztuki wizualnej oraz wspierania firm, które pragną promować swoje marki, korzystając z naszych produktów.

Oferujemy usługi naszych pracowników i partnerów biznesowych, które są ukierunkowane na osiągnięcie doskonałości, przy jednoczesnym dbaniu o codzienną ochronę środowiska oraz satysfakcję klientów. Naszym celem jest dostarczanie produktów wysokiej jakości na dynamicznie rozwijający się rynek druku cyfrowego. Reagujemy szybko na potrzeby klientów, które pojawiają się w obszarach takich jak komputerowe wspomaganie prac wydawniczych, grafika użytkowa oraz druk przy użyciu drukarek i ploterów.

The results of tests for UV radiation resistance of prints coated with our laminates.

To protect prints from UV radiation and mechanical damage.

Enable digital printing on various media.

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Unique Products for Unique People 

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