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SKU: PR400

Category: Laminates

Model: Lacquer Top Coat for film and banners

Weight: for selection

13 October 2022

Lacquer Top Coat for film and banner

160 PLN / kg

Liquid laminate Top Coat, based on water dispersion of polymer resin, is water-dilutable and becomes waterproof upon drying. It creates a thin, uniform, elastic layer with a matte, satin, or glossy finish on the print. This liquid laminate has been designed using the latest technologies to provide excellent resistance of the covered prints to UV radiation, temperature changes, wind, airborne sand, mist, salt, acid rain, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides. It also contains ingredients that increase resistance to scratches and abrasion. It is a perfectly transparent product that enhances color intensity. It does not crack, yellow, delaminate from the substrate, or cause material edges to curl, harmoniously working with it. It performs exceptionally well with self-adhesive vinyl film, window graphics (OWV), poster paper, canvas, frontlit, backlit, block-out banners, meshes, partitions, boards, panels, stands, frames, and other materials, excluding flags. It protects prints made with solvent, sublimation, water-based pigment, as well as screen and flexographic printing


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