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SKU: PR200

Categy: Primers

Model: Primer Pre Coat 2

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13 October 2022

Primer Pre Coat 2

142 PLN / kg

Primer Pre Coat 2 activates the substrate for sublimation onto cotton and other natural fibers such as silk, linen, and wool. This lacquer is water-based and becomes waterproof upon drying. It creates a very thin, elastic, uniform, and smooth polymer layer on the fabric surface.

Pre Coat 2 should be evenly spread over the entire surface intended for printing. Typically, fabric is coated with lacquer using a screen, which provides the most uniform layer, or a roller for dense acrylic lacquers, or a compressed air gun. The lacquered surface should be thoroughly dried. The finished sublimation print requires washing to become flexible. The quality of sublimation depends on the thickness of the lacquer layer. A too thin layer of lacquer results in insufficiently intense colors after sublimation. Too thick a layer of lacquer causes print blurring (diffusion) and stiffening of the fabric. The print is durable after the sublimation process. For exceptionally intense colors and increased print durability, it is recommended to additionally heat the fabric coated with Pre Coat 2 after drying for 2 minutes at 160°C. The best results are achieved when the lacquer is applied using a screen on dense fabric.

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