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10 November 2022

Liquid lamination of prints

The market for commercial graphics, especially the segment related to outdoor advertising, requires protecting prints from the negative impact of weather conditions.


This goal is achieved by laminating large-format prints, which involves enhancing them to make them resistant to water (moisture), color loss, mechanical abrasion, airflow, gases present in the air, and industrial pollutants. Lamination often enhances the final visual effect.


So far, films have been mainly used for laminating prints. These films are mainly made of plastics and, after use, they must be recycled. Applying the film to the print is done in rooms adapted for this purpose, using special laminating machines. The adhesive used in this process contains environmentally harmful components (organic solvents) and may discolor the print after some time.


An alternative method is liquid lamination, which works perfectly in any conditions. A wide range of types of laminates allows selecting the right one for a specific job. Liquid lamination is durable, fast, and inexpensive. Liquid laminates are most commonly used for vehicle graphics and for protecting banners printed with eco-solvent inks. They are also used for protecting canvas prints, flat surfaces such as advertising boards and signs.


Liquid lamination enhances prints, giving them depth and better color saturation. Liquid laminates are available in various degrees of glossiness – from matte to satin to glossy. By using appropriate additives, unique effects can be achieved, such as pearlescent or metallic reflection, exceptional resistance to abrasion, or features neutralizing the so-called migration of plasticizers from cheap media.


On the market, there are liquid laminates for protecting prints that contain organic solvents, posing a serious threat to the environment. Solvents easily evaporate, posing a health risk to operators exposed to inhaling solvent vapors during work. The flammability of solvents contained in liquid laminates makes their storage and transportation difficult. Additionally, many laminates contain organic compounds of heavy metals needed to accelerate the drying process (catalysts).


There is a demand for a product that protects prints, is effective, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. The universal water-dilutable liquid laminate from Prim Jet Color, applied with a roller for acrylic paints, brush, or using devices using compressed air, containing no organic solvents, meets this demand in the market.


The biggest problem is that inks and media are not designed for lamination. As a result, many of them are not suitable for hot lamination.


It is already difficult enough to properly match inks to media, while constantly trying to improve their parameters. In these conditions, adapting to finishing techniques becomes a less significant requirement.


It is commonly believed that prints made on printers using hard solvent inks do not require UV protective lamination, except for graphics exposed in very harsh conditions. However, in any situation, dyes or pigments contained in these inks are subject to the effects of destructive UV radiation or other environmental factors, which inevitably leads to damage due to the lack of a protective laminate layer on the print


Similarly, in the case of prints from eco-solvent plotters (soft solvent), exposed indoors, it is believed that there is no need to protect the graphics (unless the user wants to enhance their aesthetic qualities). However, not only UV sunlight is a risk factor, which is much less intense indoors, but also artificial light sources, airflow, air conditioning, humidity, elevated temperature, and gases (ozone, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which come from electronic devices, heating, cigarette smoke, smog, car exhaust fumes) can significantly affect the quality and longevity of the print


We recommend applying the laminate using compressed air guns or rollers for thick acrylic paints.




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